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Posted on by Wladimir Palant

Having read John Lilly’s post on Apple’s software update I think I’ll stay away from Apple’s software in future. Commenters confirm that iTunes offering Safari as a “software update” is not an exception, it rather has been a company policy to push unrelated products in software updates — e.g. QuickTime updates offer you to install iTunes as well. And I agree, this is very, very wrong. I expect software update to keep my computer safe and up-to-date, not sneak some crap onto it I don’t need. I am already extremely annoyed by Windows Update nagging me about Microsoft’s malware removal tool each month even if I don’t have it installed. Now Apple is doing the same thing, and I don’t think it is funny.



  1. Greg

    Agreed. And for another matter, why do I need to download the ENTIRE iTunes every single time it updates? Seriously, get with the programme Apple or be left in the dust (again)

  2. x

    I don’t think Microsoft’s Malware Removal Tool is on the same level as Safari. I can completely understand why they have the MRT automated. Just think of all the infected systems and unknowing users out there. And the tool doesn’t exactly litter the system or waste your time in any way.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    I agree – in case of MRT I see a valid reason to push it to all users, it is about protecting them. So the annoying part is only that you cannot opt-out. Apple misusing software update has no such excuse.

  3. Sheepy

    I wish I can avoid Apple stuffs, but I need Quicktime to play web movies and Safari to test my sites…

    My opinion for Apple used to be above average. Now it’s seeing a free fall… Didn’t they learn why people hate Microsoft?

  4. Tom Edwards

    The malware removal tool isn’t installed at all, just executed then deleted.

    It’s reasonable to assume that it’s re-released every month with new malware definitions, which is another reason why it comes up every time.

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    Apparently, it used to work like that. However, the text claiming that MRT isn’t installed has been removed from the knowledge base, so I searched my disk – and there is was, in windows\system32.

  5. tinga


    you don’t need quicktime, google for quicktime alternative.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Pwns quicktime…

    runs on Linux, Mac… Windowz… even legacy!

    ANyways… AdBlockPlus rocks… thank you for all your very hard work and patience. And thank you to NetDepot.

    Don’t hate Software update… at least it doesn’t force you to use a IE based browser to update critical system components.


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