Discontinued: JavaScript Deobfuscator

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JavaScript Deobfuscator screenshot

Some websites use various tricks to prevent you from seeing the JavaScript code that runs there, often the code is downloaded from the server in obfuscated form or even generated on the fly. Or maybe the JavaScript codebase is simply too large to browse it easily. Yet the JavaScript engine still needs to know which code to run and that’s where JavaScript Deobfuscator gets its information from: it simply displays the scripts that the JavaScript engine compiles and executes. This makes it a useful tool even when working with web pages that don’t use obfuscation.

How to use JavaScript Deobfuscator

JavaScript Deobfuscator integrates into the Firefox Developer Tools, switch to the JavaScript Deobfuscator panel there or open it directly from the Web Developer menu. Now it is recording all scripts being compiled or executed. You can reload the web page to see what happens while that page loads. Or you can click a button to see what code that click triggers. You can pause recording whenever you need to analyze the results and don’t want new scripts to be added. Press Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F on Mac OS X) to show only the scripts matching your search criteria.

Source code / Contributing

The extension source code is available under https://github.com/palant/jsdeobfuscator.