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Tired of having to remember dozens of passwords that have to follow arbitrary rules? With Easy Passwords you only need to remember one – individual passwords for any website will be derived from it. And if some password cannot be changed then you can still store it in Easy Passwords, encrypted securely.


  • No web servers involved, the data never leaves your computer.
  • Password generation according to your parameters (password length, allowed character sets).
  • Arbitrary number of passwords for each website, distinguished by password name.
  • Passwords can be filled in automatically (upon request), works on most websites.
  • Multiple websites can share passwords, mark one as an alias of the other.
  • Both generated and stored (legacy) passwords supported without compromising security.
  • Passwords are automatically locked down after 10 minutes (configurable) and require master password to be entered again.
  • Generated passwords can be recreated on another computer by using identical master password and password generation parameters.
  • Password generation parameters can be printed as a paper backup — enough to ensure that you can recreate the passwords, yet useless for anybody who doesn’t know your master password.

How to use Easy Passwords

Click the key icon. First time you do this it will ask you to set a master password, you should come up with one that is secure. Otherwise you should enter your master password and will see the list of passwords for the current website. Click on the icons left of the password to fill it in or copy to clipboard.

Note: Your master password will not be stored! You only set it so that Easy Passwords can recognize if you enter it incorrectly.

If you don’t have any passwords yet, click “Generate new password” to create a new one. Normally, the default settings (16 characters and all character sets allowed) work best, some websites impose additional restrictions on passwords however.

Generating passwords without accessing the extension

If you need to generate one of your passwords and cannot use Easy Passwords, there is an online version available. Please make sure to read the warnings when using this one!

What about security questions?

Some websites require you to enter answers to security questions. This doesn’t provide any extra security, in fact it weakens the security of your account because the answers are typically easy to guess. So the best approach is entering something random as the answer which would be impossible to guess. You can add these random answers as notes to your password — Easy Password will encrypt them, so that only you can access them in case the website asks you one of those security questions.

Source code / Contributing

The extension source code is available under https://github.com/palant/easypasswords.

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