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  • Your JavaScript code is slow or needs too much memory? No problem, just rewrite it in C++ and compile back to JavaScript — you will get much better performance and the code will still run in any browser (or Node.js). Well, at least that’s what C++ to JavaScript compilers like Emscripten and Cheerp promise you. And often they can deliver, primarily thanks to heavy usage of typed arrays which allow modern JavaScript engines to optimize the resulting code much better than more traditional JavaScript. Also, the code is already preoptimized, with the C++ compiler recognizing calculations yielding constant results as well as inlining short functions.

    I tried both Emscripten and Cheerp but the following isn’t exactly a fair comparison. For one, I spent much more time learning Emscripten than Cheerp, so I might have missed some Cheerp tweaks. Then again, I might have missed some Emscripten tweaks as well as I am by no means an expert in it. If you are still interested, enjoy the reading!

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