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  • Six month ago I wrote a detailed analysis of LastPass security architecture. In particular, I wrote:

    So much for the general architecture, it has its weak spots but all in all it is pretty solid and your passwords are unlikely to be compromised at this level. However, as described in my blog post the browser integration turned out to be a massive weakness. The LastPass extension on your computer works with decrypted data, so it needs to be extra careful – and at the moment it isn’t.

    I went on to point out Auto Fill functionality and internal messaging as the main weak spots of the Last Pass browser extensions. And what do I read in the news today? Google reporter Tavis Ormandy found two security vulnerabilities in LastPass. In which areas? Well, Auto Fill and internal messaging of course.

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  • With Easy Passwords I develop a product which could be considered a Last Pass competitor. In this particular case however, my interest was sparked by the reports of two Last Pass security vulnerabilities (1, 2) which were published recently. It’s a fascinating case study given that Last Pass is considered security software and as such should be hardened against attacks.

    I decided to dig into Last Pass 4.1.21 (latest version for Firefox at that point) in order to see what their developer team did wrong. The reported issues sounded like there might be structural problems behind them. The first surprise was the way Last Pass is made available to users however: on Addons.Mozilla.Org you only get the outdated Last Pass 3 as the stable version, the current Last Pass 4 is offered on the development channel and Last Pass actively encourages users to switch to the development channel.

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