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  • One of the biggest quirks of using a Mac is its keyboard — in addition to the usual Control (⌃) and Alt a.k.a. Option (⌥) keys you also have the Command (⌘) key. Unlike on Windows or Linux, the Control key is rarely used at all, the only really important shortcut key being Control-Tab. Instead, most shortcut keys use Command as modifier. So as a Mac user you quickly learn to press Command for pretty much any key combination.

    This works well as long as you stick to native OS X applications. As soon as you run Windows applications via Wine however you get into trouble: in order to map Mac keys to Windows keys Wine associates the Control key with Control. Consequently, in Wine you have to for example press Control-C to copy text instead of Command-C. You also have to remember that all other shortcut keys use Control instead of Command which is very annoying.

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  • Maybe you are like me and tend to drag along your favorite Windows applications even though you switched away to a different operating system a while ago. Well, maybe not… Still, I couldn’t find any file manager for Linux or OS X that would work as well as Total Commander. So I keep running it via Wine and it works surprisingly well.

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