"Don't mail us unless you are in the US"

Posted on by Wladimir Palant

I am back from my vacation and working through all the mail I got in the two weeks. Amongst others I found a funny email bounce for the forum’s confirmation message: “We are not aware of anyone in Germany needing to email us”. That is already weird enough but ok — the forum sends mails using a DE domain as a sender, maybe they don’t like that. So I forwarded the mail using my @adblockplus.org address. The new bounce message was: “We are not aware of anyone in Norway needing to email us”. This time I finally got it — Americans only want to speak to other Americans :)



  1. Stian Domben Bårdsen

    Oh, vacation in my motherland! How was your trip?

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    No vacation, I work in Oslo :)

  2. Stian Domben Bårdsen

    hahahah, that’s hilarious. I knew .de was Germany, but I didn’t know .org was Norway :p

    Reply from Wladimir Palant:

    No, it seems that they really look at the sender’s IP and try to determine the country. In the first case the mail was sent by the server which is located in Germany. The second mail was sent by me — from Norway.

  3. Stian Domben Bårdsen

    ah. Same country then, but still lightyears away. I live and work in Tromsø.

  4. Winston Smith

    Hahaha… they thin the world revolves around them! :)

  5. Winston Smith

    PS…...I love your adblockplus program- it works hand-in-hand with The Proxomitron! It’s nice to be able to block images with a ‘right click’- just like Webwasher.


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